The School Assembly

Our day begins with prayer and assembly. The school assembly is well arranged where the students get a chance to get rid off their stage fear. The school is giving a solid foundation to our students into the world of knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values.

Patron`s day Celebration

We celebrated our patron’s Day on 3rd July 2015. It is a Day kept apart to honor our Patron, St. Thomas. Our Chief guest of the day was Rev. Fr. Saji. The students performed various programmes on the life of St. Thomas which inspired the teachers and the students. The Chief Guest gave a message on the life of St. Thomas and appreciated the school for having conducted such wonderful items to honor our patron saint. The day ended with a cricket match between the teachers and students.

Inter-School Football Tournament

Alphonsa school as a part of its silver jubilee celebrations, conducted an inter-school Football tournament among the schools of Sangli Mission Society. Though the youngest among these schools we were the winners of the tournament.

Guidance and Counselling

Special interest is taken to diagnose the academic backwardness of children in various areas. The school has made arrangements for counseling students along with their parents if needed, helping them out with proper counseling and remedial education.

The School Parliament

The school parliament consists of Head Boy , Head Girl, General Captain and they are assisted by the ministers of various houses, namely Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. The Head Boy for the academic year 2015-16 is Master Tejas Patil, the Head Girl, Bansi Shelke and the General Captain, Nayab Subhedar.

Book Fair-2015

Book is a mirror of ones soul which enrich the mind and soothes the heart. Santhome organized a Book Fair in the school premises. It saw an overwhelming response from the students and parents. A wide range of books from all disciplines of education was displayed. The students enjoyed the fair and collected books varying from science to stories; from puzzles to poems; and fiction to facts.

Parents' sports Day

Parents` sports day was held in Santhome on 1st November 2015. More than 300 enthusiastic parents with good sportsman spirit took part in it. The parents appreciated the management for arranging such a day for them. They really had enjoyed the day. It shows Santhome not only gives importance for the physical fitness of the students but also their parents.

Parents Teachers Meeting

We have a total number of 10 PTM in a year wherein parents and teachers meet to discuss about the progress of their wards and to discuss about the syllabus of a particular examination to be held. This brings good rapport with the parents, management and the teachers. It is held before and after the examinations.